Queenstown Stories

Submerged Trees

So a Hobbit walked into a bar…. No.

There were three guys at the Prancing Pony and one disappeared…. No.

Or how about a walk among the Ents? If you are not following me then you didn’t see The Lord of the Rings, which has blessed this country with an everlasting fame. Today I looked up and saw the place where Isengarten was mythically located. But right behind that beautiful forest was a river and there were these sunken trees, you see… Never mind.

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But inside the forest there was an entranceway to Rivendell, the elven land of ageless beauty and power. Today, by carefully looking, I found the entrance, it’ was right here, where I least expected it. I wanted to walk through but I was sure I would never return since once I gazed upon the forbidden beauty of Galadriel, I was sure I would never leave.

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And finally, from my ever-growing archive of just a few days ago, I found this one image of the lake and stones. It reminded me how beautiful this whole trip has been for me and while I miss home, I am so happy to be here and immersed in my craft, making images from the things I see.And I do that best when I travel, and that’s why they call me LensTraveler.

Tomorrow, it’s an early morning and more of the same.


One Response to “Queenstown Stories”

  1. Dave Kasabian says:

    Keep ‘em comin’, Lens Traveler. The images are great and so much fun to look at. I think I’m having as much fun as you! (Obviously just kidding.) – Dave

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