A Quiet Place, A Good Start

NZ ChurchI sometimes wonder why I start my trips with a visit to a church. I am not religious in that regard. I find they are always beautiful spaces and it always feels good to walk into any religious center and just feel the vibe. Mosques, Temples, Synagogues and forests work equally well.

The First Day

When I travel to photograph, I make the assumption that I need a day to get my photo-chops back in shape and that nothing I do on day one is worthwhile. Sometimes there’s an exception; a rare accident, a moment of creative clarity that emerges early. This might have been one of those days.

FiddleStixThis comes from a walk Waitakere Park, a lovely network of hikes through the woods. There’s lots to see that’s different that you normally find. The ferns are amazing, the trails are beautiful, there are people all over the forest enjoying nature.

Tomorrow, another quiet place but I have “started” and so far I am so glad to be here.



One Response to “A Quiet Place, A Good Start”

  1. Dave Kasabian says:

    Mitch, the church looks great! Excellent colors, rich detail, and the light at the end of the aisle! Door? Window? Spirit? And I don’t know what kind of a lens you shot this with but it looks fabulous. Keep posting please! – Dave

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